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Real Paleo Hummus

Real Paleo Hummus

“Looks like hummus is back on the menu, boys!” If you didn’t know, that was a LOTR: The Two Towers reference. Yes, it’s true. I am a huge fan of LOTR. Do you know what else I am a huge fan of… hummus. I am a hummus fiend. Ever since going Paleo, I have yet […]

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Paleo Stoneberry Pie

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Paleo Stoneberry Pie

The days around here sure seem a lot quieter. Schools in my area started yesterday. The yelling and laughter of children just stopped over the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, my kiddo has a set of pipes on him. It ranges from a whisper, sweet singing voice to ear bleeding screams of a banshee. School […]

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Paleo Heirloom Pizza

Paleo Heirloom Pizza Overhead

“Run… RUN!!!” I scream at Dev from the top of my lungs. We are running as fast as our feet can take us, stumbling, panting, out of breath and constantly looking over our shoulders to see whether or not it is in pursuit. All the stories, all the tall tales that you have heard are […]

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Crispy Boar Belly with Plum Sauce

Paleo Crispy Boar Belly with Plum Sauce Sectioned

My Boo Bear and I just celebrated our birthdays two weeks ago. I cannot believe this amazing little guy is already two years old. I’m going to take this time to document and say thank you Rue for overflowing my heart with such joy and happiness. I can sit there and watch your beautiful little […]

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Elderflower Blueberry Pie Popsicles

Paleo Elderflower Blueberry Pie Popsicles

It is mid-July and the temperature outside is comparable to the Amazonian rainforest. Although not sunny, the shaded humidity is definitely sweat inducing! We are obeying our weekly ritual of visiting my local farmers’ market. As we make small talk and rediscover all the fresh produce, we see pints of freshly harvested blueberries. It was […]

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Paleo Graham Crackers

Paleo Graham Crackers Close Up

The reason I made Paleo Graham Crackers this week along with my blueberry pie popsicle is not just that it’s a match made in heaven but because of a much more practical reason. One of them is that graham crackers are a staple in many dessert recipes but most importantly for my son. When he […]

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Tuna Cake Fettuccine

Paleo Tuna Cake Fettuccine

You reach out and grasp the cold metal handle. As you slowly open the door, the hinges give off a creepy horror movie squeak. The door is now wide open, revealing the everlasting darkness of your… food pantry! Oh, the great mysterious food pantry and the surprising things we all find in there. I am […]

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Smoked Peach Brown Butter Frozen Custard

Paleo Smoked Peach Brown Butter Frozen Custard

The smell of sulfur and colorful smoke immerses the air. The sound of fireworks discharging loudly nearby, all the while faint pops echo in the distance. We are celebrating the 4th of July. For those readers that live in the U.S., what does Independence Day mean to you? To my little family, the holiday means […]

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Summer Lamb Salad on Toast

Paleo Summer Lamb Salad

I just realized that we just had our first anniversary here at Between Two Forks. With that said, this past year has been a huge learning experience. Not only do I get to share my passion with the world, but I got to connect with some amazing people from all over the world. If you […]

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Protected: Paleo Sourdough (Unlock for $1)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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