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Paleo Toluca Burger

Your new summer addiction: Toluca Burger

For the past two years, Devin has been telling me to make this into a recipe. Like most men, it takes about two years for the message to finally get through our thick skulls. That being said, we are making Devin’s favorite, my Toluca Burger. Toluca Burger? What’s that? It is a Mexican chorizo burger. […]

Paleo Boba Frap Line Up

Chill Out with a Paleo Boba Frap

Alright! How is everyone doing? I am finally back at it after visiting Paleof(x) two weeks ago. What an amazing trip! I had the pleasure of meeting a ton of fantastic people. I also got to meet a lot of my Facebook friends that I’ve known for years in person. Austin was definitely plus! The […]

Paleo Blue Corn Tamales

Paleo Blue Corn Tamales are here!

It’s coming guys…Cinco de Mayo. Queue the salsa music! Cinco de Mayo is definitely an important holiday but for some people, is just another reason to indulge on more Mexican food! Mexican food is the bomb diggity and I don’t mean bar and grille tacos or Taco “Hell”. That’s like saying I love Chinese food and […]

Paleo Chinese Almond Cookies

Quick And Easy Paleo Chinese Almond Cookies

One of the reasons I created this blog, is to share and create food memories. So, today I want to share one of my childhood food memories with you, Chinese Almond Cookies. Growing up, my grandpa worked in Macau and had to travel back and forth on the ferry. Every so often, we will take […]

Paleo General Rafs Chicken

General Rafs Chicken is where it’s at!!!!

For a long time, I’ve hid an extremely dark secret… I LOVE fake Chinese food AKA American Chinese food. A prime example is orange chicken. I’ve never even heard of that shit until I got to the States. My Chinese pride tells me to say no, but my inner fat kid is saying, eat it! […]

Paleo Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes

Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes

I don’t have a witty or smart intro this time. This week, we are making some damn cupcakes. Some, damn delicious Paleo friendly Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes. Two years into my blog and I realized that we have yet to make a cupcake. That’s just unacceptable! Who here doesn’t like cupcakes? If you raised your hand, […]

Paleo Korean Japchae

Paleo Korean Japchae is King!

There is something I must confess, I’m the one that got Devin hooked on it. It’s all my fault. I should’ve never showed her a Korean drama! It all started three years ago. I showed her a k-drama and she never looked back. Every time I look over, she is starting a new series.  I […]

4 Tips to OWN that Whole30

Before we start, I’m going to throw this disclaimer out there. I’m not a health expert or a nutrition guru. I am a Paleo daddy, foodie, blogger and wannabe photographer. I’ve been asked on numerous occasions if I have other content besides recipes on my blog. For the last two years, I’ve been so focused […]